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Our Vision

Our vision is of a new world of learning based on the effective media use which will provide enough resources for seafarer for improving their professional skill and help them during their tough time in life.

It’s a world of educational blog written by our team and their experience with creativity, inspiration and ambition. It’s a world where seafarer find all information what he/she desire for, and is just few clicks away. It’s a world where innovation is the rule, not the exception. It’s a world where we provide professional and technical learning, and access to new technology. It’s a world where administrator, blogger and reader with a shared vision to provide something new for marine industry.

We call this place MarinerDesk, and we provide not just the vision for seafarer and all people connected to this profession a new world of learning but the real-world information and community connections to make it a reality.

Our Mission

​We are dedicated to transforming lives of seafarer and their associates through this blog website all of them can thrive in their careers and professional lives. We are focused on educational and professional news blogs that help them to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, skills and be successful in their career to achieve their full potential.

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Meet the Team

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

-by Andrew Carnegie, American Industrialist and philanthropist

Mr. Pratham Shukla
President of MarinerDesk
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 Mr. Anurag Singh
Vice president of MarinerDesk
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 Mr. Abhishek Kumar
Editor in Chief & Author (M0tor)
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 Mr. Neelansh Gaur
Editor in Chief & Author (News)
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 Mr. Abhay Kumar
 Editor & Author 
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 Mr. Sujit Sharma
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 Mr. Sunil Kumar
Editor & Author 
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Our team is made up of talented, passionate and committed individuals who share our vision and values. It is our people who have been, and always will be the key ingredient to our success. Presently our team consist of 21 members, which includes 17 authors and 8 editors. If you want to join our team as an author, please visit our Be an Author page. You can also submit any shipping news and media(in photo or video or ppt) we will publish it with your name and add you to our team as contributor. Visit Be an Author.

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