Fuel Cells for Main Propulsion testing by Sintef Ocean and ABB Marine

With aim to find an alternate source of energy for ships and reduce pollution by ships, two industry giant Sintef Ocean and ABB Marine to join hands for a testing fuel cell as propulsion power. Norwegian Sintef Ocean in research company founded in 1950 that conducts contract research and development projects. They both will use two 30kW hydrogen fuel cells, established in a laboratory to model the operation and control of a complete marine facility in a megawatt-scale propulsion plant.

The testing methodology, to be developed at Sintef Ocean’s Trondheim-based laboratory, will use two 30kW fuel cells, set up to model the operation and control of a complete marine power system in a megawatt-scale propulsion plant.

ABB’s own software together with Sintef Oceans vessel simulator capabilities will imitate and playback totally different load profiles and diesel/battery/fuel cell combinations, and tested in a scaled down laboratory environment.

In a press release, it was said that the ABB and Sintef Ocean are undertaking groundbreaking research to test the viability of fuel cells as an energy supply for main ship propulsion. The new research project seeks to provide the answers required for fuel cell technology to be delivered at the scale required to power commercial and passenger ships.

The trials will explore over the technicalities of scaling-up and optimized fuel cell/battery combinations alone.

Credits: Sintef Ocean

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