Oil spill near Corsica as two merchant ships collided

Two merchant ships collide north of the French island of Corsica inflicting a very wide fuel spill more than 2.5 miles long in the Mediterranean Sea. French and Italian authorities area unit operating to contain this spill. As per reports, no ship crew was injured because of the collision, however, a passenger ship smashed a hole of many meters long within the hull of 1 of the ships, inflicting the spill, according to an announcement from the regional (French maritime authority).

The maritime authority said a Tunisia registered ship carrying trucks with merchandise rammed into Cyprus-registered container ship CSL Virginia on Sunday morning. a photo released by the French navy showed the bow of the Tunisian ship smashed up against the side of the other ship.

The spill created a trail of pollution four kilometers long and several hundred meters wide, heading away from Corsica to the northwest, toward the French and Italian mainland. A spokesperson for the regional French maritime authority described the material as “propulsion fuel” without elaborating.

Two French ships were sent to the area and some specialists were rushed there by helicopter. The Italian coast guard also sent an aircraft to observe the operation and 3 ships to assist contain the spill. Still, both ships are struck and experts will decide how to safely separate the ships, the French statement said.

A spokesperson for the maritime authority said an absence of wind within the area, twenty-eight kilometers (15 miles) from the Corsican coast, gives authorities hope the spill may be contained quickly.

The collision occurred in French waters, however, the cleanup operation is a component of a joint accord among France, Italy, and Monaco to combat pollution accidents in the Mediterranean.
The Corsican regional police administration charge shoot said an investigation is underway to find the reason behind the collision.

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